Exterior Collection

Enhance your outdoor spaces with our durable and stylish collection. Elevate your floors, walls, and outdoor countertops with high-quality products designed for outdoor living. Achieve the perfect balance of design and durability, creating an exterior space that showcases your unique style.


Enjoy the open air

Our outdoor tile collection has been carefully designed to create functional and aesthetically appealing spaces. Discover the perfect balance of durability and style as our tiles enhance your outdoor areas. With a wide variety of formats and finishes available, you can unleash your creativity and design unique, customized spaces that exude tranquility and comfort.


Outdoor product benefits


With outstanding durability, porcelain stands strong against extreme weather and daily use, ensuring a reliable choice for any outdoor flooring project.


Porcelain boasts exceptional resistance to wear, moisture, mildew, and stains, making it an ideal option for outdoor flooring that withstands the elements.

Easy maintenance

Savor your outdoor space with low-maintenance porcelain. Effortless cleaning and upkeep reduce time and costs, maximizing your enjoyment.


Prioritize safety with slip-resistant porcelain surfaces that provide stability for all activities in your outdoor area, ensuring peace of mind.

Added value

Enhance your property's value with porcelain flooring, thanks to its durable nature, captivating aesthetics, and ease of maintenance.


Discover the versatility of porcelain, suitable for various outdoor areas, including patios, decks, pools, and gardens, as it effortlessly complements any outdoor setting.

Please double check with your Aphelion representative for fitness of use of any product on exterior applications


Exterior Inspiration